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Here you can understand our service lines and how we can help you:

Change Management

We all know that we need to change all the time, yet it is so difficult that this has already turned into a cliche! A structured approach, combined with a focus on the human element, is essential if leaders, employees, organizations or people in general need to go through change. If you want the change process to take less time, have lower costs and be more effective, we can help you by creating a change strategy, a change plan and by monitoring it as well as by helping you execute it. We believe in a tailored approach but with well proven fundamentals. Important changes require a structured program and a very good focus on the human side, and that is how we can help you; otherwise your change initiative runs the risk of being included in the statistics that say that 70% of change programs fail, mainly due to human elements…

Organizational effectiveness

We can help your organization perform at a higher level by analyzing your organizational effectiveness through the lens of culture, leadership, top team effectiveness, employee engagement or processes/org design. We can then help you design a strategy and a plan to improve, considering these elements, as well as a change program to help implement these changes in a sustainable way. For instance, you may have questions such as: how can we perform better at attracting and retaining talent? How to improve employee engagement? What aspects of our culture do we need to emphasize?

Team building and performance

Whether you are starting a new project, a new company, are merging teams, have already identified team problems or just want to improve your team performance, we can help you by setting up a program for team dynamics and team building sessions. These typically involve a series of workshops and field work performed by the team members. This journey can be as deep as you wish – from a single workshop if you only want to start slow and plant the seeds, to more time intensive work.

High-impact workshops, facilitation and training

We can design and facilitate workshops to help your team or company in different situations: define strategy, communicate and align strategy, develop leaders and talent, improve communications, change culture, etc.

We can also help you design training programs that are effective, considering all the organizational elements involved. We will listen to your objectives, get to know the audience, understand them both deeply and then design a program that will help you achieve your development goals. For instance, you want your supervisors to be more aware of the company’s HR policies and act as better leaders of their teams. Or you want your sales force to be more integrated with the company’s strategy.  Or you want your leaders to help foster a culture of innovation. We can help you design the right program, with a business approach.

Personal effectiveness

If you want to improve your self-awareness, understand how you relate to others, react to the outer world, or how you make decisions or can become a better leader or team player – we can help you by running an MBTI assessment and through coaching (if applied). MBTI is a very powerful tool and one of the most used in the world to understand personality types. It can provide rich information about you that can be very helpful in all domains, not only professionally but for you as an individual.

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